IMG 4624 - Euston Square - bricked!

Euston Square – bricked!

In my previous articles on Euston Square, I’ve discussed it’s dreadful condition.

This week Londonist listed six reasons the Euston Arch should’nt be rebuilt, some in jest of course.

I add a seventh, serious, reason – the damn authorities can’t look after the square!

There’s a growing hole in the walkways and no-one seems arsed in doing anything about it. Just imagine a bit of stone block falling from a restored Euston arch…..

Remember my post from April this year – pic below – showing the dreadful condition of the walkways?

IMG 2174 - Euston Square - bricked!

Current views (August 2016) of the same walkway, same hole, adjacent to One Euston Square:

IMG 4623 - Euston Square - bricked!

Getting bigger and bigger isnt it?

IMG 4624 - Euston Square - bricked!

Clearly no-one’s ever going to give a fuck about a rebuilt Euston Arch!

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