thames1 - Grosvenor Canal/River Westbourne

Grosvenor Canal/River Westbourne

I love this tweet! It shows the old Grosvenor Canal at its fullest extent from the Thames to Pimlico Wharf (where Victoria Bus station today stands.)

Another waterway on show is the River Westbourne – now known as the Ranelagh Sewer. This can be seen just to the right of the Grosvenor Canal as it joins the Thames. This formerly open stretch of the Westbourne now runs under Ranelagh Gardens. There are still clues referring to the Westbourne’s old course – including the eastern boundary of the now closed Chelsea Barracks.

In Green Park can be seen another long gone stretch of water. It was filled in just four years later in 1855 and was known as The Reservoir or the Queen’s Basin. It was a showpiece pond with fountains (and indeed was a reservoir too for the purposes of supplying St James’ Palace.) Here’s an embedded scene showing the Reservoir:

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