IMG 7147sml - The Regent Street Hive

The Regent Street Hive

Running for four consecutive weekends during Regent Street’s #SummerStreets Sundays, is the hive and certainly the best highlight of the Regent Street Sunday that I went to. (The rest of the street was mediocre so to say, simply because it totally ignores those like me with the kind of disabilities we have.)

IMG 7271 - The Regent Street Hive

The Regent Street Hive is a fun filled activity centre for the kids. I think its unusual, different even. Characters included Polly Nator, Lady Lavender, Mr Bumble and Queen Bee, who attempt to teach the young ones about the bees. Birds could be seen around the site but I’m not sure if it was about the birds and bees too, or just the bees and no more 🙂

IMG 7279 - The Regent Street Hive
Lady Lavender does things by the bucketful! Loads of colour and lovely smells helps our bees.

IMG 7137 - The Regent Street Hive
Some facts you probably didnt know about bees….

IMG 7142 - The Regent Street Hive
The Queen Bee with her subjects on a matter too good to bee ignored.

IMG 7146 - The Regent Street Hive
Its not all just for kids! One can bee a flower 🙂

Actually there’s quite a seriousness behind it all. Regent Street has for sometime had of London’s best beehives and they’re up on the rooftops of some of the buildings along the street, constituting an important part of Central London’s ecology.  The recent news that bees are being decimated right across the world is also important because ultimately humans do not realise just how much reliance we have on bees norunderstand their enormous contribution to the world’s ecosystems. In fact its said if the bees disappeared completely humans would be left with just four years left of survival!

Yes! Four years. And how time FLIES! Just think about it, the flight of the bumblebee could be the answer 🙂

We’re the ones that have to give it lift off…. or things just won’t bee 🙁

IMG 7259 - The Regent Street Hive
To bee, or not to bee? If we choose the latter things ain’t looking so good for us humans!

IMG 7268 - The Regent Street Hive
Queen Bee gives tips on bee-ing a bee, and helping humans along their way too!

In terms of bee numbers and bee ecology, London has been buckling the trend. As well as Regent Street they have too recently been established at Covent Garden.

And this is what the Regent Street Hive is up to – educating children on the need to care for our bee populations –  otherwise humans will take a quick flight into obscurity. Its a serious subject, done in a very light hearted and jovial way.

IMG 7139 - The Regent Street Hive
Mr Bumble and Lady Lavender – a job jolly well done!

The Regent Street Hive will be back next week for one more day, so if you have kids they’ll love it.

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