DSC 0603fi - Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!

Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!

Remember the Knightsbridge Rhino? I wrote about that earlier this year.

Its now a Christmas Rhino! Fully fledged in Santa Claus costume. How did they get those xmas clothes on? I mean a Rhino wouldn’t be easy to measure up. Think of the struggle trying to hold it whilst it has its measurements taken!

IMG 0516 - Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!
Its no longer this grey rhino – its now a red one!

IMG 6631 - Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!
Santa the Rhino at Knightsbridge

The rhino was meant to be temporary, just a couple of months they said.

IMG 6619 - Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!Cute little Santa hat! Notice the little gem hanging from its tusk – sad to tell you it ain’t a real one!

Its now seems to be a permanent feature. A nice one too!

IMG 6556 - Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!
The xmas rhino on top of Samer Halimeh’s in Knightsbridge

The Xmas Rhino can be seen at 161 Knightsbridge – its part of Samer Halimeh’s the jewellers.

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